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TREB Market Watch 2018/2019

Friday Jan 11th, 2019


Check out the latest Market Watch video below. The Toronto Real Estate Board's own top analyst, Jason Mercer presents the facts from 2018 and looks ahead to what's in store for Toronto's housing market in 2019.        [read more]

Top 5 Real Estate Lessons To Take With You Into 2019

Wednesday Jan 2nd, 2019


Borrowing from that old adage, if we can remember these lessons, history may not repeat itself.           It's been quite the year for the housing market in Ontario, from sales and price fluctuations to supply concerns to rising housing costs. As 2019 approaches, here are five things we can learn from real estate in 2018. Get used to the affordability issue This oft-cited issue is not going away any time soon, despite... [read more]

Holiday Home Hunting

Wednesday Dec 12th, 2018


The real estate market is seasonal, we've all heard that before. During the holidays, sales come to a screeching halt as many buyers take a breather, (a vacation if you will) from their house hunt. But, for the savvy investor and flexible buyer, the holidays can present a unique opportunity. There's a reduction in competition and fewer offers so naturally, without a competing buyer, your ability to negotiate increases. For vacant properties, the potential savings... [read more]

The Booming Toronto Condo Market is Here to Stay

Thursday Dec 6th, 2018


There was a time when people were concerned about over-building in Toronto. After all, our city has the most number of construction cranes in North America and the existence of surface parking lots has all but vanished to give way to sky scraping condo buildings. Well, it turns out that these concerns were overrated and that condos are the main reason that the dream of home ownership is still alive and attainable for many in the GTA. Check out... [read more]

Buyers' and Sellers' Markets in GTA By Neighbourhood

Friday Nov 30th, 2018


Zolo just came out with a report on where each neighbourhood in the gta falls in terms of buyers' vs. sellers' markets. refreshingly, it acknowledges that real estate stats can't be blanketed across all areas and that what's happening in one neighbourhood could be quite different than what's going on in another, even if they're only separated by a few blocks. it also explains why some of us feel as though the bubble has burst while others of us... [read more]



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